Friday, May 4, 2018

Gettysburg Address Brett

1865 blog-brett

helo agan to anoter blog pot i meen post and jus resentli our general has ;( SUUUUURRRRREEEENNNNNDEEEEERRREEEEED NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, o general my general yu wil always be wit mi and wil always be wit mi, i was talkin to tis booths kid and hei sad dat he was goin tu kil lincon or somtin lik tat but i hily doubt tat he wil but let tem hav dreems and mybee tey wil acomplish it on dayand kep tere drems but at leest tere is no mor war and no mor blud shal be bled for tis contry and te fact tat tey tought tat it wood be a 9 day war is stil crssy tu me.

1865 blog Flash Perkins Ben

deer, ivarene today good ol commander jackson surrendered our army to the union ah onestly i cant blame him becaz we war runin low on supplies an we wer suronded ohn tree sides and the men were starving whe were able to  keep anything we brot but ah only brot my nife so i hav to return mah issud guhn durind the surendar the uniun did not even luk happe but theye saluted us and we were honored and i crid a litle but im comin homwe tomorow so i will se yoiu later love flash

Thursday, May 3, 2018

1865 Blog: Andy Hatfield- Chloe Murat

1865 Blog- War Poem By: Chloe Murat

A Soldier In War

Oh, I see thee fly
Boom, crash, everything dies
Oh ma, pa, siblings back home
Whether i'm in the sky or on the ground,
 i'll be found

The next day shall come
Will there be an end?
I want to see my family
There, a letter i'll send

Hard work and exhaustion will pay off
Days go by
The constant worry,
the constant pride
I'm in war, and I sigh

I aim my gun,
His family soon in pain
The wound is not faint

Focus, go fight for your side
Boom, straight in the brains
The more I get, the faster time will pass

Get down and make it last 
Crash, I fly 
The sun is so bright 
Hold on tight,
the last bead of sweat rolling down my face

There's darkness, and a bitter taste
I've done well, you rotten war
You got me, and my family will be sore

post 5 alvin busic

the war is over Richmond was bunred to the ground and lee had to surrrenderr it is a sad daye in hisstori but robert e lee wiz ferced to surendrer to the union gerreal unless s grant lee said he surenrdered caze Richmond was fired to the ground and we weer out nummbeerd 1 to 5 I don't thank lee wanted to surrendere but he had two butt sum god thangs came out of the surrender lik I got to ceep my own sutff and food for the rid hom

coorpool Alvin busic

Thursday, April 26, 2018

blog post 4 fred bloom Jr. Brett Harrison

fred bloom back here with anoter blog and tuday i well be taking about te shermans march is wat tey cal it oh wy wold tey do dat i know tat tis is war and al but dis was wai to far burning down al te bildings steeling al te coten and making te steel raleroads and mesing up al of our train traks the least you cood hav don is tak it over and use it for urself so that we cood latr tak it ovr now driviin all te cheldrin out of te town was barbaric almost kiling te yung boys and girls plese nex tim yu invade on of our sities at least tak it ovr not destroy tem so wee can tak tem bak latr yu wil pay for it somday somday reel sun reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllll suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun

1864 blog private Perkins Ben

deer ivarene im shur you have heard about that sun of a gun william tecumesh sherman and how he destroyed mos of the suth what a rotin peice of filth he destroyed dear ol atlanta and wreked a treil of havec all the way to the coast and we ar very sad tha we cold not stohp him and them filthy uniun ******** destroyed so much ah dohnt think well be able too recover frum this anytime soon tell the kidsz tha i said hello and tell ur dad ah still relly miss his moonshine love flash